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 Are you looking for a good football betting website? Yeah, it could be burdensome searching for a reputable offshore sportsbook - all these forums, everyone have their own opinion, this sportsbook didn't pay, that football betting website has bad odds, etc. We know how it goes, at the end, we are also football bettors and have gone through this process in the past. Therefore we put together this small website to show you which football betting website you can visit and which you should avoid. Read on, or simply scroll down to find a football betting website to match your needs.
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The best football betting websites:

Bovada (formerly Bodog) 10% bonus

Bovada (formerly Bodog) is a great betting website for football and the rest of the sports. Chances are if you have every bet online, you have heard about Bovada at one point or another. This offshore sportsbook has been the leader in the gambling industry for almost a decade now, but recently, due to the high profile of the sportsbook, it is experiencing delays with the payouts. You will get your money, guaranteed, but you may have to wait about three weeks for the check to arrive. If you are a football season bettor, this should be no problem, but if you are a nickel-and-dime bettor who withdraws money a few times a month - you may want to look at a different football betting website for the time being. Learn more about Bovada or

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5Dimes (50% bonus)

The 5Dimes pitch - over 1000 betting options everyday, but what bettors are more interested nowadays is the payment processing at the offshore sportsbooks. It's here where 5Dimes shows a great business plan - fast deposits and fast withdrawals make a great football betting season with this website. And as a complimentary gift, this offshore bookmaker has a load of betting guides - for those new to betting to the experienced bettors. Top notch sportsbook. Read more about 5Dimes or

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Bookmaker (20% bonus)

The online betting website Bookmaker is one of the leaders among the offshore sportsbooks and they have every right to be. Great betting odds not only on the football games, but on everything else imaginable, including on the Presidential Elections. Truly great betting website, although the depositing options may be a tad limited. What's really important - the sportsbook withdrawals are very fast (measured in days) and with checks which do not bounce. Yeah, you better get you some! Bookmaker is also one of the first betting website to publish the football odds on the upcoming games. Read more about Bookmaker or

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BetED (50% bonus)

An industry leader in sports wagering, the betED betting website offers an exclusive, single account access for football betting. From one convenient player account, wager on your favorite sport or you can visit their own online casino. But don't let the casino fool you, this is a hard core offshore sportsbook and a great football betting website. Learn more about betED or

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About Football Betting Website

As we stated earlier, finding a good football betting website could be a nightmare, especially if you are not careful and select an offshore sportsbook which is not on the honest side. Oh, there are tons of those sportsbooks, even more so with the football season fast approaching. Fly-by-night football betting websites are not something new to the business, in fact, it has become something of a rule to have 9 out of 10 betting websites on the shady side. And if you follow the betting business news closely, at least once a month the authorities bust a gambling operation which ran some football betting website from a basement to supplement their illegal income. Those are exactly the betting websites you would like to avoid.

So what is a guy to do in this situation? Certainly not waste your time. Tired of the misleading information constantly published on many other gambling websites and betting forums, we pulled together this small football betting website to list some of the most popular and honest offshore sportsbooks. These are sports betting websites which we know are good business and are safe to deposit your money with. Of course, there are a lot more football betting websites which will not cheat you out of your football winnings, but we have little information - keep in mind that we are not some kind of industry experts, we are simply a bunch of guys who have played at good and bad sportsbooks and have listed the first category on this website. We will do our best to expand the services and content offered on our website, but you'll have to bare with us. You can learn more about betting here, a wealth of information not only on football betting, but in general, as well.

We also accept advertisement from sportsbooks and other football betting websites. Please, note that we do not necessarily endorse those websites and in this case, we will indicate that certain website is an advertisement. We also partner with other football betting websites in order to swap visitors, we do not endorse or are responsible for their content either. See more sports betting websites at our friends.

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